Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Primark Haul May 2016

I have another Primark Haul today, I am not very good with clothes shopping or trying other shops. I know my last post was a primark haul, I really need to find some more content for my blog. I mainly got things for when go away, and might go to primark when away as would like to try a different store.

The first things i got were actually from a different trip a couple of weeks ago. I just got 2 make up bags, there were around £2/£3 each and love the mint green one which also comes in various sizes with different letters on. I got them for when go away for make up and medicines etc. I also got this lovely unicorn sign which was only £1.50. when i saw it on Instagram i just had to get it

All these items were from my trip there this last weekend. Just got partner a basic top which was £2.50 and some short jeans which were £12. I also just got a beach towel for when go away next week and it was just £3.
I also got two tops, the heart one was £3 and the lion king top which i love was only £4, I do think the heart print one will have to go back though

Then i just got some accessories, nothing really that exciting apart from the Micky Mouse make up bag which i am in love with, was only £5 and saw it a couple weeks ago and just had to go back for it. Is perfect size for all our toiletries when go away. Then just got a hair brush and some sunglasses and don't have any. and also some ballet pumps which were a bargain at £3.50 but might to have to back but unsure yet as the fit is not that great.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Small primark Haul March 2016

I finally took another trip to Primark, This is only a small haul as again i did not really seem to get much, i think it is because my local store is not great and often dont have sizes in, I think i need to shop by myself or even try a different store and really want to have a spending splurge in there.

 As you can see, I really did not get a lot. I am sure i could of got a lot more and need to go back for more t-shirts but meant to be careful with money at the moment. Which sucks

I just got some new short jeans for my partner which was only £10 which i thought was really good, and they are good quality as last ones from primark lasted 2 summers, plus he needs them for work as works outside. I also got these reeses t-shirt for only £5 which is a bargain and i really did get a little bit over excited when i found it as i love the chocolate, it was in the nightwear section or will either wear as a PJ top or loungewear

 As well as the socks and snood that are in the first picture, I also just got some basic tops as i find the primark ones are really good and i live in these, I really needed some more and am now feeling the need for some summer colours, and am loving the anchor print one. They last and wash well and are a bargain that just £2.50 each

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Friday, 18 March 2016

March 2016 Brimbles Box

It is March so that it means it is time for the Brimbles Box, This is my first month trying one of the boxes and i am really impressed.
If you have not heard of Brimbles, They are set up by a lovely lady and are basically a subscription box for stationary and Planner lovers, They are monthly themed boxes and come in a range of different boxes which you can can check out here. So you can get boxes for stationary, Happy Mail or even ones for a Personal or A5 Planner.

Because of the fact that they were the March box, of course there was a Easter and rabbit theme running through them. I chose to receive the A5 Planner box as i use mine quite a lot.

This is what the contents of the box look like, they are all quite similar but do vary with some products, there was 4 sheets of 12x12 Scrapbook paper, with the rest of the items in the bag with the logo sticker on

The packaging is very cute and also came with a bunny themed notecard in the box which just had a message from Anna, she is the lady that puts the boxes together, also with a little poem on. All monthly boxes comes with one of these that will match the theme, and think it is just a really nice little touch.

As i got the A5 Planner box, these were the contents of mine, and as you can see it is very Easter/Bunny themed. I got a one off box for £18, but you can also have a Monthly Subscription. In the box was a Easter egg Washi Tape, A bunny correction tape, some stickers as well as a planner charm, some free downloads, and a notecard, writing pad and a A5 dashboard which are all in the same designed which is one of Anna win designs.

I am really impressed with the box i brought and the variety of items that you receive, I think i will be getting some more in the future and maybe try some of the other boxes. I would really recommend that people try one of these boxes if you are into stationary, planners or Happy Mail

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Etsy Sticker Haul

Today I am sharing some recent purchases i got from Etsy, Despite the fact that i am meant to be on  a no spend at the moment, I failed and only went and brought some more stickers. Etsy is great for getting planner stickers from and my wish on there is getting way too long with all the choice there is

The first lot of stickers were brought with shops credit that i won from a Instagram giveaway, these lovely stickers are from EllieBethDesignsUK. She stocks a lovely range of stickers with rainbow functional sticker to themed kit and different monthly colour kits, you should go and check her shop out if you have not already. I picked some functional stickers that i know i needed or wanted to try.
I decided to pick up some email and shopping carts signs, that i can put in my planner to remind me when i need to send certain emails or when the food shop is arriving etc. I also went for some weekend banners which are in a range of colours and the paper is really good quality. I also got some more of the days off sticker, I use them to mark my partner days off from work and love that they are reposintable. All of these stickers ranged from £2 to £3 per sheet

These stickers were brought from ItsOnlyMeCaralee, Her stickers are a bargain and range from £1 to £2.50 for the decorative sets. I got all of these for £11.35 including delivery which i think is a real bargain, They are such a nice range of rainbow and pastel colours. I got sets of Half boxes and page flags for my planner as well as some habbit tracker. I also got a Minnie Mouse and a Easter decorative kits which i can't wait to use as well a birthday countdown stickers to put in my planner to mark the countdown to my birthday.

Go and both these ladies and their shops as they sell such a great range of stickers.

I also brought two Personal size Planners, as currently only have A5. I brought these on a Facebook group and thought they were real bargain. They do come with no inserts which is not a problem as i am not sure what i am going to use them for yet. The pink one is not used and only cost me £5 which i could not believe. The one on the right is a Filofax in the butterfly design i think, and is a planner i have been wanting to buy for ages, so really happy to get it for £15 and is in really good condition. I think i am going to leave this aside for my birthday and to fill it up with inserts and a nice dashboard.

If you would like to see the stickers in more detail, then you can also see them on my YouTube

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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Hobbycraft and The works Haul

It is mt first time blogging about a haul like these, I normally only do Primark haul but i am looking to get more into craft and mainly card making and hoping that soon i will be able to sell some that i am making. I did not buy much but here are just some things that i brought from The works and Hobbycraft


Aswell as the craft items, I also brought 4 books, all are from the The Works, who are really good for books that a fraction of the retail price. I got 2 self help books that i am hoping will be able to help a bit with mental health and my anxiety. The other too were card making books and thought they would just be able to get me started and to give me some good ideas and tips on different designs.

Mindfulness - £2 (RRP- £6.99)
CBT Workbook - £4 (RRP - £12.99)

Introduction to card Making - £2 (RRP - £4.99)
Cardmakers Bible - £3 - (RRP- £15.99)

Craft items 

As you can see the rest of things i brought were craft items and mainly essentials for cardmaking apart from the wooden heart that got from The works for only £1, is a real bargain and a lot bigger then i thought it would be for the price. Not really sure what to do with it yet but might paint it and can be a good craft project to do at some point.

The mains things i brought were embellishments to use when making birthday card for my little sister, they are a really good price for only £1 apart from the Me to You buttons which were £3. I also got quite a bit of paper to layer onto the cards i make, they are 6x6 inch ones, the Easter designs were from hobbycraft and i got some me Me to you designs which are in Girl and Mothers day prints, they were only £3 each and from The Works

I hope to have some more posts on crafts once have made some cards and i am sure i will have some more hauls at some point

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Small Haul : Primark & Stationary

After doing some shopping yesterday, I have got a quick haul to show. I have not been doing much shopping at the moment, but hopping to get some boxes soon that will be able to review.

I did not buy much, as there is not really anything that good in my local Primark at the moment, But i did get some things from Sainsburys and Primark

The first things i brought were two items of stationary. I am a bit of a stationary addict. The notebook was £1.50 from Sainsburys, then i got the Document wallet for £1 from Tesco. If you are into Stationary then i really suggest checking out the supermarkets as they quite often do some really nice items and designs. I also got the Lion King boxset from Sainsburys for £12. Had it on my wishlist for a while as it is my favourite Disney film.

I also went into Primark, I did not get much and have not really done a big shop for a while as not much in my local store for quite a while. But i did get a few things, I got mainly winter things as they are already reducing their winter items. I got some socks, and a new snood which was reduced to £3 as i really need a new one.
I also got two new tops which are actually nightwear or lounge wear tops. The owl one was £4 and the Simba one was £5 and is my Favourite one as i do love The Lion King. I also got some a new fleece for my Guinea pigs cage, was only £3.50 and i am trying to build up their collection so can change their bedding around. And also got some new cushions for the sofa.

I would love to see your recent primark hauls, and watch out for some new posts.

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Monday, 28 December 2015

What I got For Christmas 2015

It is that time of the year again to do my What i got for Christmas post, I do one every year. I would normally do a video on my Youtube as well but have no camera at the moment.
I do love writing these types of posts and they are also my Favorite type of posts to read and to see what everyone else got for Christmas.

 These were the smaller things i got in my stocking, along with loads of chocolate which should last me a long time.

I also got some guinea pig related things, it would be weird if i did not. The guinea pig book is sop cute, also got a calendar like every year, and a Pets at home Giftcard

These are kind of my main presents. Which was a Light up mirror which is like the No7 one, also a smoothie maker which i have been wanting for ages and can't wait to use and the new Kindle with a case.

Then just some smaller things like books, an notebook, body sprays, nail polish and a foot massage which will come in handy. I also got some new planners, which were my best presents and can't wait to use.

Would love to see what you all got for Christmas, Post your links in the comments

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